Saturday, January 22, 2011

TooManyGrandersons Group Break

One of my main goals with this blog is to use it to network with other collectors.  The blog-o-sphere is chock-full of great collectors talking about the hobby they enjoy.  Occasionally a blogger will have a contest.  Often they'll post about a successful trade with another collector.  And some even host group breaks.

And group breaks are the best, especially for player/team collectors like me.  A typical group break involves the host buying a case of cards and participants paying a nominal fee to get all the cards for their "slot".  Normally, a participant picks which team they want and they will receive all the cards from their specific team after all of the packs have been open.  But not always.  Sometimes certain product lend themselves to a more participation from the participants, which is exactly what happened with the last group break I took part in with Dennis, who blogs at Too Many Grandersons.

This was the second group break I did with Dennis hosting and the guy does a great job.  The latest break was for 2008 Razor Letterman, a product that is made up entirely of autographed manupatches.  Here is what I walked away with:
  • Jeremy Beckham - Tampa Bay - #'d 13/20 - "B"  Claimed by Darkship
  • Cutter Dykstra - Milwaukee - 6/20 - "R"
  • Michel Inoa - Oakland - "O"
  • Allan Dykstra - San Diego - 16/20 - "D"
  • Rashun Dixon - Oakland - 4/5 - "I"
  • Eric Hosmer - Kansas City - 1/5 - "E"
  • (NOTE:  All of the above cards, except for the Hosmer, are available for trade.)
It was a fantastic break and I walked away with the letters necessary to spell my dog's name "BRODIE" and with the best Royal's card in the bunch (after a little trading with Dennis).

The break was so successful that Dennis has ordered another case and is offering up slots into what he's dubbed "Razor Letterman Case Break 2: Letter Patch Auto Boogaloo".  (And you've got to respect the guy for refusing to go with the much cliched "-palooza" tag).

I highly encourage you to head over there and take part in the fun.


darkship said...

Love the Hosmer! May be interested in the Beckham as I have one of the other letters in the same subset. Looking forward to reading more

darkship said...

Check out my Letterman break for any interests.