Friday, April 15, 2011

Blue Sharpie Cards

If sticker autos are necessary, then all that I ask is that they be done in blue ink.  They just look so purdy.

Case in point, these three Luke Hochevar autos (that I've not yet shown off).

First, a 2007 Bowman's Best Prospect auto.

And the back.

I like that they give a good summation of Luke's journey to the Royals, but doesn't the "Prospect" running down the left hand side of this card negate the "Career Best" tag?

I also own this 2006 Bowman Sterling Prospect Refractor auto, which is serial numbered 15/199.

If you're going to use a sticker autograph, make sure that the sticker is placed onto the card straight.  Yikes!  Also, I'm glad that Luke changed his jersey number from 19 to his current number of 44.  I like even numbers better.

I'm pretty sure that the seller failed to list this card as a "Refractor" because I remember getting it for a non-refractor price.

I like the "Bowman Reflection" tag above this write-up.  I also like the very simple, very old-school design of the back of this card.

The final blue sharpie autograph that I want to show off is a 2009 Topps Series 1 Career Best autograph.

It's a cool looking card, but I don't like the concept.  Here is why:

The above stats are for Luke's only season in the majors.  Of course those numbers will be his career best.  How could they not?  He has no other season to compare these too.  Like I said, I like the design of the card a lot, I just don't like the concept.

So, I like my autographed cards to be done in blue.  (Although I admit that I much prefer black autographs on baseballs).

Do you have a preference on the color of your autographs?

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