Sunday, April 17, 2011

One of the Few Hochevar Rainbows... which I'm no where near completing is the 2010 Bowman Chrome variety.  Surprisingly, I've only tracked down two of these cards: the base card and the blue parallel (#'d 11/150).

 The picture used on these cards is one of my favorites, which makes my having so few of them so puzzling.  According to the BaseballCardPedia, I need to find myself a Refractor, Gold(#'d to /50), Orange (/25), Red (/5), Superfractor (1/1), and the printing plates if I want to consider myself one of the foremost Hochevar collectors.

As for the 2010 Bowman release, I'm only doing a little bit better, since I've managed to add the base card and two of the parallels, Gold and Orange (#'d 51/250), which leaves me needing the Blue (/520), Red (1/1), and printing plates.

This picture pales in comparison as the one used in the Chrome cards.

Hopefully a few of the cards I'm missing from these sets show up on eBay or COMC in the near future so that I can add a few more rainbows to my wall of cards.

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Derek said...

check out my trade bait post, there are a 2010 topps chrome orange luke and dexter in there, i figured those would find a home with you