Monday, April 11, 2011

Skybox Logos

I've had these scans sitting in my computer for way too long, so why not enjoy a few 1991 Skybox NBA team logos on this lovely Monday afternoon?

I really hate when the switch between horizontal and vertical layouts.  Pick a direction people.  It makes my binder pages look so much better.

And I miss the old Nuggets logo.  It reminds me of Tetris.

Now that's how a page is supposed to look.  All logos in a unified direction.  Very nice.

And another logo that I miss, the Utah Jazz.  Their new logo just seems so sterilized to me.  How anyone could think that getting away from their musical note inspired logo is beyond me.

With this post, I'm now out of 90s Skybox logo cards.  Now I have something else to look for on eBay.


The Lost Collector said...

Man, I loved this set. I got Gary Payton TTM a few weeks ago on his card from this set. The white design was so different...and the graphics...holy smokes were they advanced.

Chris P said...

Yep 91-92 Skybox was awesome, brings backs memories!

Colbey said...

I miss that old Charlotte Hornets logo. It looks goofy down in New Orleans.

NBA Hardwood Classics said...

Check out my blog:

I've scanned a lot of cards for every team from that SkyBox set.