Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Teammates Stamp

I was looking through my Hochevar cards to figure out which ones I still need to feature and I saw this 2010 Topps Heritage "Topps Stamps" card.

I really like the look of this card.  It looks old and heritage-y, which I believe is entirely the point.

I always seem to forget why I should know the other player on the card, so, for the upmteenth time I looked up Mr. Francoeur on the internets and was reminded that he is a new member of the KC Royals' outfield. 

The back of the card suggests that I "Collect them all!" but I'm not sure if they want me to collect all 50 Hochevar/Francoeur cards or all of the "208 different stars of today in multiple combinations".  I think I'll stick with trying to get all 50 Hochevar/Francoeur cards.  The problem with this is I've only noticed three of these pop up on the eBay.  The first one got away from me in an auction, the second one is the above card, and the third one I've seen is currently sitting in a BIN for $20, which is out of my price range for non-autographed cards.

Maybe when I do own all 50 of these cards, I'll crack one of them open to see if the back of the stamps have glue on them.  And if they do have glue, I would hope it is the licky kind.  Man, I miss lickable stamps.

And, while I'm at it, here is the Hochevar 2010 Heritage base card.

And the back.

I love that it lists his hometown as Fowler, CO, rather than his birth place of Denver, CO.  I prefer knowing which city a player grew up in, because it is often different than their birth city.  I imagine most people were raised in a different city than the one they were born.  I know I was.

While I'm at it, here is Luke's 2009 Heritage card.

And the back of the card.

And, finally, his 2008 Heritage offering, which also came in the Chrome variety.

Here are the backs of the 2008 cards.

I assume that the 2008 cards were based upon the 1959 design, since the Chrome card is numbered to 1959. 

I'm pretty bummed that Luke isn't in the 2011 Heritage series because they are some of my favorite Hochevar cards.  Maybe next year. 

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hiflew said...

I wouldn't worry, he will probably be in the high number series. They usually save some players for that. I am expecting at least 5 Rockies in it.