Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Topps Hochevar Rainbow: I Leapt at This Card

Happy Leap Year!

When I saw this 1/1 Blank Back card in the Topps Vault store on eBay, I LEAPT at the chance to own it.

While it doesn't show in the scan, Topps made a huge improvement on their blank back cards by stamping/embossing the Topps Vault logo on the front of the card.  A very nice addition to these great 1/1 cards.

Also great, the 1/1 logo isn't hand written this year, but is a part of the sticker on the back.  Another great touch that adds a level of class to these kitschy cards.


Napkin Doon said...

Very cool. I saw this and leapt at the chance to comment!

Cory said...

A nice heavy foil 1/1 on the front would look neat.