Monday, February 6, 2012

Post-SuperBowl Manupatches

I took a mental health (and, what has turned into a body health) day-off from work today, which means that I had the bubble mailers out of the mailbox before the mail lady was finished with our block (which is really quick because there are only two houses and two churches on our side of the block).

And wouldn't you know it, but my first additions to my NFL Team Logo Manupatches set arrived.  It seems very fitting that they would arrive a day after the Super Bowl.

I know that not as many people actively collect football cards, but if anyone has any NFL Team Logo Manupatches that they'd like to trade (especially the Broncos), let me know.


Dennis said...

Very nice manupatches! Question: why is Ayers on a Lions card?

Eric L said...

Answer: I have no idea. I didn't even look at the players, just the team logos. Does this mean that I have a SSSSSP Error Rookie Patch Card? If so, it's hitting the bay right this moment.

Dennis said... He's a Titan, definitely not a Lion. Unfortunately for you, it's not a SP because I found others that look the same. But if you write "1/1" on it you can list it on eBay as "Akeem Ayers Topps patch Lions SSP RC 1/1 MOJO L@@K Harper auto?" and then shill bid the hell out of it!