Monday, February 13, 2012

Helton Trifecta

I've been wanting to complete a Todd Helton trifecta after I picked up one of his rookie cards earlier this year.  Now I can check that wish off my bucket list after grabbing this autograph off the Bay.

This card goes well with the other two parts of the trifecta: a relic card and a rookie card.

I'd like to eventually grab a trifecta of Dennis Eckersley and I need a rookie card to finish off a John Stockton trifecta.  Maybe I'll be able to do so this year.


Kyle4KC said...

Isn't his rookie 1993 Topps Traded?

Dennis said...

Please feel free to hate this comment, but isn't Helton's RC actually his '93 Topps Traded? I'm not saying I agree with that since I'm not a big fan of RCs coming from those more oddball-type sets (can't remember if '93 was a boxed set or not) like Garciaparra's from '92. Helton actually also had base cards in '96 Bowman and Bowman's Best, though, again, lots of people dislike Bowman for printing "RCs" of players five years before they hit the Majors, if ever.

With that out of the way, I really like the autograph and the relic!

Eric L said...

Yes, his true rookie is from 1993, but I've got a card that has "Rookie" printed on the front, so good enough for government work.

Dennis said...

If you don't want your trifecta to include a "RC" from a random traded set years before he debuted, then more power to you, and that's a Todd Helton trifecta!

Greg Zakwin said...