Tuesday, February 21, 2012


In honor of pitchers and catchers reporting to spring training Valentine's Day, my wife completely surprised me by getting my Luke Hochevar Topps Heritage watercolor painting framed for me. 

And it look amaze-balls!  Don't believe me?  Take a look for yourself.

My corner of our office is starting to look quite manly, although the Hochevar jersey will be coming down from its off-season resting place and onto my broad shoulders every 5th start, as has been the tradition since my wife bought it for me.

Thanks again to my sister for the painting and thanks to my lovely wife for the great frame. 


Spankee said...

That is badass.

Greg Zakwin said...

Badass indeed. The cabinet is pretty sweet too. And the sweetspot Hochevar ball.

dkwilson said...

That looks awesome!

(...Joe) said...

Are those old security deposit boxes in which to hold your cards?


Potch said...

That's awesome! Does she do this for a living? Watercolor paintings, I mean - not specifically Luke Hochevar watercolor paintings.


Very nice art work ! I always wanted a library, card catalog cabinet. That one looks pretty modern, if that is, what it is !