Saturday, February 18, 2012

Visiting An LCS

This time, it wasn't the traditional local card shop LCS, but rather, a Local Card Show.  My wife and I made a trip up to the big city of Colorado Springs to have a (belated) Valentine's Day lunch at Biaggis, some antiquing in an attempt to find a hutch for the kitchen, and I somehow convinced her to go to a 20-table card show.

Nick of Dime Boxes had a great list of tips for how to enjoy a card show without going broke, so I was inspired to go dime box digging.

So imagine my disappointment when I found the hotel basement conference hall filled with a 5:1 glass case filled with hits to dime box ratio.  And it seemed that football was king of this show as there were hardly any baseball cards in the displays.

Since I didn't want to bore the wife too much, I casually surfed the glass cases until I got to one seller who had his Colorado Rockies separated by player.  I walked away three cards richer and $12 lighter in the wallet.

First, I found a Todd Helton that I knew I didn't already have.  While it wasn't a dime, I felt comfortable giving seventy-five cents for this card.

Then I found two Dexter Fowlers that I knew I couldn't leave the show without.  First, a 2011 A&G mini for a quarter.

And then I shelled out $11 for this beauty (which was marked $15 but the seller was cool and gave me a deal on it).  It's a 2009 Heritage Chrome Black parallel, #'d 46/60

Sure, it's majorly miscut, but I'd never seen one of these for under $20 so I knew I had to get home with it. 

Big thanks to Nick for inspiring me to get outta the house, off the bay, and doing some in-person card hunting. 

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Nick said...

Glad you found some good stuff and that I could be of some inspiration!

If you're with someone at a show, I might not recommend dime boxes, as whoever you're with might get a little impatient. :)

But glad you enjoyed the show regardless! Cards shows are always fun.