Saturday, February 18, 2012

Button, Button, Who's Got the Button?

After my wife graduated from law school this past summer, we decided that she'd take the Colorado Bar Exam.  Since she didn't have a job lined up yet (since she hadn't passed the Bar), my parents offered to let us live in my Grandma's old house, which they and my uncle had inherited after she died in 2010.  It was great to be back in my home town and it was actually quite fun living in a house that carried so many fond memories of my childhood.

To make a long story short, my wife got a job in a nearby town, I found a teaching job in a nearby town, and we bought the house from my dad and uncle.  We've spent the past six months installing new flooring, painting the walls and molding, and remodeling the kitchen.  I think it has finally become "our house" and not "grandma's house" which is kinda cool.

While we were cleaning, we found this button that Grandma would wear to my high school basketball games, and, in typical Grandmotherly fashion, had safely stored away in her junk valuables drawer.

And why wouldn't she?  This freshman would eventually become a senior, and they'd HAVE to let him play then, right?  (Well, they'd let him start, but he would be subbed out by some Hochevar kid minutes into the game or after one bad pass, which ever came first).

And I'll give you one guess what my jersey number was.

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