Friday, December 23, 2011

Fave Five: Christmas Cards

The wife and I managed to make it to Christmas Eve Eve before we opened our presents (which actually may be the latest we've waited in the eight Christmases we've been together).  This year we reasoned that we'd best open them tonight because tomorrow we'll be preparing to host my family for a Christmas Eve BoozeFest & Mexican Feast (TM) and Christmas Day will be spent at my parent's house, so we really won't have time to open presents after tonight.  As a reward for reading this entire paragraph, the first person to request it in the comments will get the Diamond Giveaway code I pulled from the below box.

One of the presents my wife gave me was a box of 2011 Topps Series 2.  We opened it together and, as usual, she pulled all the great cards from the box. 

Here are my Fave Five Christmas Eve Eve Cards of 2011.

FIVE:  Eight Sets of Dupes (aka Classic Topps Collation)

FOUR:  Inserts

The Robinson has an original back.
THREE:  Shiny Gold Minis

TWO:  Sparkley

ONE:  Manupatch

Which happens to be my third Orioles logo manupatch, along with the Murray and Bell below, so I'd love to trade away the Bell and Lee for a logo manupatch of a team I don't already have (list of cards needed can be found HERE).

All of the above cards are available for trade, as are all the base cards I got, except for the Royals and Rockies I pulled out for my personal collection.  If you need any of these, I'd love to work out a trade.

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! 


dkwilson said...

Great stuff! Merry Christmas! I would love your Diamond Giveaway code. Thanks!

piratesfan731 said...

I don't see Damon's sparkle.