Friday, December 16, 2011

Fave Five: Jaybarkerfan Fun Game Prizes

Sure the Jaybarkerfan fun game took place many months ago.  Sure I received the package well over a month ago.  Sure I set it aside to be shown off after the MOvember/Mustache Set was finished.  Sure I forgot that I set it aside.  But the cards are still cool and worth showing off. 

(And I have no idea whether the rumor I am starting is true that JBF is on a blogging strike until I do finally show my prize results on my blog.)

My Fave Five Jaybarkerfan Fun Game Prizes

FIVE:  The Boz and some Football autos

FOUR:  My 1st Numbered Mailman

THREE: Bronco Rookie Fabrics

TWO:  Shiny Kidd

ONE:  JoHo Autograph

Thanks JBF!  It was a great party you threw and I'm sorry about your ficus plant!

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Robert said...

the ficus plants are always the first to go...