Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tobacco Tag-along

So I scored another 1910 Murad T51, a North Western College backpacker, which brings my total up to 24/150 (16%) for the set.

Creased, chipped, and corners softened is just the way I like my T51s.

And, as I am wont to do, I grabbed an extra tobacco card from the seller for an extra buck.

This time I decided to try my luck with a 1910 Turkey Red T37 automobile card.

I almost like the back of the card better than the front.  A little information about the Turkey Red Automobile Series:
In early 1910, automobiles were evolving from a curiosity into a way of life.  It was at this time that the T37 Turkey Red Automobile Series was produced.  Inserted into 10-cigarette
packages of Turkey Red brand cigarettes, these bright and colorful drawings captured the automobile worldwide in its infancy.  An amazingly historical set, the 50 cards each measure 2" X 2 5/8", capture joyful scenes of driving on the front and offer a complete checklist on each back.
A way cool set that I may try to complete in the future.

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