Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trade Report: A Diamond King "Pick & Roll"

During the recent Diamond King mega-end-of-the-year-contest, I mentioned that I'm a huge John Stockton fan.  So, even though I didn't win the contest, the Diamond King wanted to know if he could send some Stocktons and Malones my way.

Now, let me go on the record with the fact that I never have and never will turn down Stocktons or Malones.  They the alpha & omega, the foundation & apex, the peanut butter & jelly, the peas & carrots, and, most fittingly, the pick & roll of my collecting life.

And, as usually happens with trades between bloggers, I was completely blown away with Diamond King's generosity with his portion of the trade.  He filled a TON of gaps in my Stockton and Malone collections.

Since he sent so many cards, I thought I'd break it into two posts, starting with the Mailman.  The Malone section was full of plenty of "style" and "shiny".

Of the many, many, MANY dozens of Malones included, this card was probably my favorite.  Not only is it a USA Basketball card (which I love) but it was produced during the hayday of my childhood collecting and I'd never once encountered it.

The card is a regular sized card with perforations between each "mini card".  You really can't beat four of the NBA's greatest big men on one card.

As for the Stocktons, I think I will forgo my usual multicard post and will take some time featuring them individually since John Stockton is my all-time favorite athlete and Diamond King sent some great cards that deserve heightened focus.

Thanks again for the cards Diamond King and I'm working on tracking down some items off your want list.


The Diamond King said...

Glad you liked them!!

The Diamond King said...

Oops! I just found the Mustache cards I was going to include!! Sorry. I'll throw them in the next package whenever you are ready!