Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My First Golf Autograph

In an effort to beef up my golf card collection, I decided to pick up a golfer's autograph.  Since I'm a budget collector, I decided to forgo the obvious (and expensive) autographs of some of the more famous golfers -- Woods, Mickelson, Nicklaus, Norman, Palmer, Player, etc. -- and select a player with which I have a more personal connection.

I selected this 2002 Upper Deck SP Scorecard Signatures card of Jeff Maggert.  While the card is not serial numbered, the autograph is on-card and very legible, which are both very big pluses in my book.

While I've never personally met Mr. Maggert, he is my best friend's sister-in-law's first cousin.  Sure, it's not the greatest connection in the world, but it's always been enough for me to root for Jeff whenever he's been on tv.

The closest I ever got to meeting him was when my dad and I followed him for a dozen holes when he was playing in the now-defunct International Golf Tournament in Castle Rock, CO.

And if the above humble-brags weren't enough, I've also swung his old Ping driver that he gave to his cousin-in-law (who is my best-friend's brother).

Anyway, I'm glad to have his autograph and I'm hoping this will keep me motivated to build up my golf card collection in the future.


Robert said...

Yes, that is a very legible auto, a plus as well for me. The squiggly lines you see a lot of athletes use to sign cards becomes a big turn off for me.

Great addition to your collection though, I'll be looking to see more of these in the future.

Josh D. said...

I think most of the non-superstar golfers would be happy to sign for pay. I bet you will be able to pick up a lot of golf autos for reasonable prices.

Play at the Plate said...

Any connection, no matter how diluted, is still fun.