Monday, December 19, 2011

Trade Report: Thoughts & Sox

Earlier this month, AdamE of Thoughts and Sox asked me if I'd be willing to trade away the 1948 Leaf boxing card that I'd posted.  I had zero attachment to the card and hadn't yet traded with him, so of course I said yes.

He mentioned he'd send me some "60 Topps commons".  At the time, my third grade students had turned my brain into tapioca pudding and I read that as "Topps 60 commons", of which I'd pulled a few from some Update Blasters and I was more than happy to have some more.

So I thought I'd be getting a pile of these fellas (which, again, would have been better than acceptable):

And here is what Adam sent me:

1960 TOPPS COMMONS!!!!!?!??!?!!??!  A pre-1980s mustache!!!?!?!??!!!?  Hells and yeahs!  Talk about being pleasantly surprised.  Thanks a ton for the cards Adam and your cards are on their way to you as I type this.


Dhoff said...

That's the best tapioca-related mishap I've ever heard of. Common Topps '60s? Ha! Great trade!

Robert said...

Some very nice '60 Topps cards there.. excellent deal for ya..