Friday, December 2, 2011

Turning Over a New Leaf

Some of my more thorough readers may have noticed a new tab below my header titled "1948-49 Leaf". 

After picking up a couple of cheap 1948-49 Leaf commons, I thought this set might be a fun long-term project.  I'll work on picking up a common or two every once in a while and then I'll attempt to slowly pick up the bigger names of the set.

I love the simple design and coloring of these cards.  The skip-numbering is intriguing and unique.  And you can't beat the use of words like "clouted" or "non-errorless" on the card backs.

This set will be very difficult (and expensive thanks to some big names in the checklist) to complete, which will make it all the more enjoyable should I ever accomplish it.

So far, I've picked up the #128 Warren Rosar and #82 Johnny Lindell.

For an extra buck (and combined shipping) I also grabbed a Jimmy McLarnin card from the Leaf boxing set from the same years.  I doubt I'll actively pursue the boxing cards, but there is no way I'm turning down the opportunity of owning a 70-year-old piece of cardboard for a buck.

I'm excited to start adding some more vintage to my library card cabinet and 1948-49 Leaf cards are a perfect fit for my collecting style and preferences.


AdamE said...

Would you trade that Jimmy McLarnin for some 60 Topps commens???

Like you I pick up some 48 Leaf from time to time but the ones I pick up are the boxing variety.

Greg Zakwin said...

Nice additions, and good luck!

Robert said...

isn't non-errorless a double negative?

Anyhow, good luck with the set, looks like a fun project to take on

Fuji said...

Great set... didn't even realize they had boxers in it. Best of luck!