Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Trade Bait: Tinsel From Under the Tree

I've spent the past 72-hours watching The Wire, The Big Bang Theory, Cougar Town, and Happy Endings dvds, so I thought it might be time to step away and scan some cards.

Here are the results from the blaster of 2011 Baseball Chrome, a rack pack of 2011 Update, and four loose packs of 2011 Heritage that I received over the Christmas holiday. 

All are available for trade, so let me know if you're interested in any of these cards.

First, some Chrome, since it's tinsel like qualities are what inspired the title of this post.

The purple Granderson is numbered 193/499 and the Walden Chrome Heritage Refractor is numbered 506/562.  The Heyward and Verlander seem to be base chrome, the Hanson and Maybin appear to be xfractor-style, and the Byrd, Jaso, and Sogard appear to be refractors but none are distinguished this way on the card backs.  I'm just going with how the cards look compared to previous years -- base have white boarders, refractors have chrome across the entire card, and xfractors have patterned chrome.

The following Chrome cards rounded out the blaster: 
7 24 41 55 66 73 90 82 96 102 120 129 138 143 180 188 201 209 217
VC6 and VC49

The four loose packs of Heritage yielded me zero Royals or Rockies, but they may help out anyone who is collecting the set.
I also received cards:
6 15 33 39 72 75 93 128 137 159 205 209 222 223 232 233 240 242 262 273 274 292 374 377 383

I knew I wouldn't have the same success with my second Update rack pack as I had with my first, but it was still a fun group of cards to open. 

I never grow tired of the regular and drunk sparkle cards.

I also got the following Update cards (all with the "US" prefix in the card numbering)
11 19 56 59 117 152 153 163 177 183 217 227 248 249 253 255 263 266 286 293 307 310 317 323

I'll wait a few days before I sort these cards into team piles in my library card file cabinet, so let me know if you need any of them.


Kyle4KC said...

I'd like the Hellickson vintage and the Walden Heritage Chrome refractor. And were any of the heritage #'d 426 or higher (SPs)?

You're a Royals collector? Correct?

Robert said...

Amigo, I may need some of these, I will not know until I get online tonight at home. I'll send you an email about this and the pages as well. Thanks,

piratesfan731 said...

I need Mr. Gentry, kind sir.

Anonymous said...

The Maybin,Micky,and the Reyes mini please