Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cheap Card Collecting Contest

Cheap Card Collecting is holding his first contest and it looks like there will be some great prizes available.  He's going to be randomizing numerous cards throughout the week.  The first prize to be raffled off is a choice of one of the A&G relic cards pictured below.  (And, technically, there is also a RedSawk and Yank card available, but I'm told that no one in their right mind would choose one of them.)

He will also be randomizing a grand prize package of "a bundle of Jerseys and Autos, with one Jersey and Auto added for each new follower gained."  He started with 40 followers, so lets spread the word and get him get up to the 100 follower mark.


dawgbones said...

Well, as a true-right-handed-person, I've NEVER been in my right mind, so I'll take the yank or the Sawx and be happy!!!

Cheap Card Collecting said...

100? whoa there haha.