Thursday, August 25, 2011

Trade Report: $30 a Week ManuStaches

I recently completed a trade with one of my favorite new bloggers, Robert of the $30 a Week Habit blog.  While he's only 35-posts deep into his blogging career, he seems to have already found his voice and his niche in the blogosphere, which is no small feat.

I shipped off as many Blue Jays and auto/relic cards as I could find in an effort to get a couple of manupatches and mustaches sent my way.  It seems to have worked because these arrived on my doorstep earlier this week.

First, a great looking Orioles team logo manupatch, as well as my first All-Star Game commemorative patch.  I doubt that I'll attempt to collect them all, but I definitely won't turn them away if they are offered to me, especially if they are as visually striking as this one is.

Robert also sent along some Royals cards, most of which will be new additions to my Royals binder, most notably the KC team card at the bottom of the scan.  These cards really drive home how much the Royal's roster has changed in the past year.

And it's always nice to be able to add some recently-printed mustaches to my collection, even if they are reprints.

Thanks for the great trade Robert.  I'm looking forward to our next one.

1 comment:

Robert said...

You're welcome Eric, I really appreciated the trade on my end as well...I'm still cataloging the Jays cards that you sent!!