Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Join this Contest, It's the (Jeff) Laws

Head over to My Sports Obsession and help my friend Jeff "The Lawman" Laws celebrate his 100th post. A follow, a comment, and an advertisement of the contest on you blog each nets you one entry into his drawing. 

The prizes haven't been announced yet, but having traded with Jeff in the past, if the prizes are anything like his trade packages, you'll probably want to start a few fake blogs and profiles just to earn some extra entries.

His contest announcement was his 97th post and entries are due by his 99th post, so get moving.

Incidentally, this is my 195th post (yes, I had to go look it up) which isn't too bad for eight-month's worth of blogging.  If I didn't already have something planned for this fall, I'd probably have to have a 200th post celebration.  Guess I'll just have to party hearty with Jeff.

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