Monday, August 8, 2011

A Trio of T51s

Last week I picked up three more T51 Murad College Series cards on the Bay.  These three are very well loved with rounded corners, trimmed edges, bends and creases, and that old cardboardy smell, which is exactly how I like them.  Also, it doesn't hurt that each of their auctions ended at the two-quarter mark (w/ combined shipping).

The Alfred University card is the most loved of the group and is the first T51 card I've picked up that has the white boarders trimmed off the card.  I also love the ornate decorations that frame the portrait of the university graduate.

This Central University of Kentucky card's red printing is still fairly vibrant considering it was printed one hundred years ago.

The artwork on this Berea College card is my wife's favorite of the five tobacco cards I've tracked down thus far. 

I'm very glad that I've decided to venture into collecting tobacco cards and I'm very glad that the ones I've grown fond of have been so reasonably priced.

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hiflew said...

Okay I had no idea there was a Berea College card. That school is literally within walking distance of my old high school. I must track one down now.