Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Trade/Contest Report: Big Fun Game Manupatches

Last week I was one of the lucky fellas to get a spot in the world renown Napkin Doon Big Fun Game.  I had pick number 7 which allowed me to see quite a few of the doors that had been opened, and when I spotted this Joe Mauer Target Field inaugural season commemorative manupatch, I knew it had to be mine.

It's my second Minnesota Twins team logo card, so if there are any Twins fans that want to swap manupatches, shoot me an email.

After the Big Fun Game had ended, Napkin revealed the unopened prizes, one of which was a Red Sox team logo manupatch.  I offered up a gorgeous Michael Young jersey card that had been sitting in my trade bait pile for far too long in exchange and Napkin threw the card in with my Big Fun Game prize package.

The card is stunning in person.  Its one of the best looking team logo cards I have in my ever growing collection.

Thanks again to Napkin Doon for putting together a contest that more than lived up to its name.  I'm already praying to the card gods that I might be included in the next game.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love a swap for a Twins manupatch. All I know that I hvae is a Pirates one:

larsonmorgan AT sbcglobal DOT net