Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Downsizing of the Crinkly Wrappers Collection

helps strengthen my collection.

I decided to claim the early-1990s Upper Deck lot that Crinkly Wrappers founder moremonkeys138 was giving away in an attempt to downsize his collection.  For the low price of shipping/handling costs, I received a huge pile of cards.

My main goal with this lot was to fill in some gaps in my Mustache Set, and it did that in spades.  I filled in a dozen or two holes in my pages, which makes me very happy.

I also found some great cards of some of my favorite players from my youth.

I also enjoy the artwork that Upper Deck used back in the day.

I've worked with Crinkly Wrappers before, and, once again, he threw in a bonus with the package, and he really out did himself this time.

I'm a huge fan of cards, gambling, and poker, and I even watch poker when it's on television.  (Insert drying-paint joke here).  So I am very happy to add a Poker Brat manupatch to my collection.  It'll be a great addition to my Alphabet Manupatch Set. 

Thanks for the cards moremonkeys138!  


Josh said...

But....there's no "R" in "Phil Hellmuth"! :-)

Eric L said...

That is correct. The back of the card said that the letters spell out "The Poker Brat" which is his nickname.

Josh said...

Gotcha. So you only have 11 more letters needed to complete the set! :-)