Friday, August 12, 2011

Teaching & Cards

Last week's poll went very well.  Here are the results.
  • 18 people (64% of the 28 votes cast) classify themselves as a sports fan who also collects cards.
  • 5 people (17%) are card collectors first and sports fans second.
  • 3 people (10%) are somewhere in between.
  • 2 people (7%) are none of the above.
Because it went so well, I though I'd throw up another poll and this time it will remain on my sidebar so hopefully more people will be encouraged to vote.

This poll is very simple.


I ask this question because it seems to me that there are quite a few people in the card-blogging community who are teachers.  And one more person was recently added to the teaching ranks: me.

Today I began my second era as an elementary teacher.  It's what I went to college to be and I spent three years as a 4th grade teacher before my wife and I moved to Omaha so she could attend law school.  I decided to take a break from teaching while in Omaha and now that we are back in Colorado, I thought I'd try my hand at it again.  Last week I was offered a position as a 3rd grade teacher and I couldn't be happier.

Today I attended a training seminar by the Flippen Group about how to transform our school district's atmosphere and culture into one that empowers students to become high performers.  This particular training session was aimed at the district's sports coaches, but I was invited to attend so that I could become familiar with the Flippen Group's terminology and techniques.  Much of what they spoke about will easily translate into the classroom, so I came away very motivated and informed.

The reason I bring it up here is because one of the co-presenters was NFLer Colt McCoy's father Brad McCoy and he was a very talented speaker.  He was full of wisdom and insight about how to be a successful coach and teacher.

He has also recently published a book that I'll probably track down in the near future.

If you ever have the opportunity to attend a Brad McCoy speech, I highly recommend you do so as you'll come away inspired and motivated whether or not you are a teacher.

Anyway, feel free to take the above poll and if you are in fact a teacher, let me know what grade/subject you teach and how long you've been in the proverbial trenches in the comment section.  I'd also love to know if and how you integrate your hobby into your classroom as I'd eventually like to do so in mine.


Ryan G said...

I'm a teacher, I suppose, though I haven't been in a classroom in a year. I've interviewed a few times out here, but pickings are slim. I had a promising interview today; keep your fingers crossed. I'm not sure what I'll do if I don't get a job. But enough sad story. I've taught high school science for several years and I integrate baseball into the curriculum whenever I can.

Wrigley Wax said...

I've got 28 years as an elementary teacher under my belt and year 29 starts in three weeks. For the past sixteen years I've also been a principal with half day classroom responsibilities.

Every kid in the school knows that I'm a Cub fan and there is lots of teasing back and forth. I'll mention my card collection in class every now and then. Our reading book has stories on Jackie Mitchell and Dummy Hoy and I've brought in cards on those days. I've also used the Ginter states set in social studies.

- potch wheeler said...

Interesting poll. I had been curious about this as well at one point. I'm not a teacher but I missed my calling.

The Lost Collector said...

I'm on my phone and it won't let me vote. I am not a teacher.

jaybarkerfan said...

I graduated with a degree in Social Sciences Secondary 7-12 but only taught for a couple of years.

Also check my blog! The insanity has begun!

Josh D. said...

Not a teacher anymore. Used to teach HS algebra. Now I'm an actuary (super-exciting :-)).

Colbey said...

I didn't vote in your recent pole, but I thought I'd chime in. My mom taught in the public school system for 30 years - all most all of it in elementary. She is still a part of the school system, but now is part of the education department at UNC Charlotte.

My wife was a 2nd grade teacher for 3 years before getting caught up in layoffs due to the recession. Seriously, I thought my wife's line of work was recession proof. Guess I was wrong. She is now looking at going back to teaching in some manner after a 2 year break. Teachers however are still having a hard time finding a job in our area.

Ryan G said...

I'm having a hard time finding a job around here, too. It's not just out there!