Sunday, August 28, 2011

No Time for Words

Just pictures.

Okay, just a few words. 

These two 1910 Murad T51s are in such great condition, there is a small part of my brain that fears they are fakes.  But their texture and smell make me think they are just really well kept examples of a fantastic tobacco set.


Napkin Doon said...

No words necessary. Awesome cards!

(...Joe) said...

Oh thank God, I'm not the only one who sniffs vintage cards.

Ryan G said...

When I fear forgery, I just dismiss it. Unless you're in it for the set investment. On a serious note, you can check a few things - paper stock front and back (should have the same tinting as the others), printing (especially the packer stamps) should be consistent, card stock should be similar, etc. Taking into account known issues, of course.

But it wouldn't matter to me anyway. I'd just enjoy them in their binder/sleeves/top loaders/custom framed cherry-stained display case.

Eric L said...

The way I figure it, even if they are fakes, at a buck a piece, I can rest easy knowing the guy is losing money faking them. :)

@Ryan -- the texture of the cards feels authentic to me and they have that old card smell like the others, the printing appears to be really well done, especially the gold leafing on the border of the Colorado one. The packer stamps seem to be consistent with the other cards I have that are stamped.

But they are in PERFECT condition, so I can't help but be a bit skeptical.