Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Brettster

I haven't had any time to scan any cards the past couple of days (truth be told, 90% of my posts were created days earlier and then I schedule them to post later in the week), so here is a scan that's been collecting dust in my computer for a long time. 

These are the handful of George Brett cards that I have in my collection.

A couple of years ago my mother-in-law bought me a refrigerator box full of cards at a yard sale.  Inside the box were a bazillion late-80s and early-90s baseball cards.  I've slowly worked my way through them looking for mustache cards and pulled out these cards.

Hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to scan some trade bait and some recent eBay purchases and cards I've received from recent trades.  Until then, I'll be dusting off a few more old scans to keep my streak of consecutive days posting cardboard pictures alive.

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darkship said...

ah, the number one Royal of all time!! Nice pick-ups!