Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Two Cards that Rock

I really need to invest in a new headline writer.  The guy is just mailing it in these days.

Many of the cards from my previous trade bait post came from a lot of cards I bought off eBay.  The reason I bought that particular lot was because it contained this Helton jersey card (and I got the lot on the cheep).

It's a 2005 Topps Pristine Uncommon Base Game-Worn Jersey card #'d 67/100.  The card is slabbed in a super-duty case and is sealed with a Topps Uncirculated sticker.  The scan doesn't do the card justice.

I know nothing about the set this card came from, but I like the way it looks.  Here is the back of the card.

I'm going to enjoy having this card as a part of my personal collection until someone makes me an offer for it that I can't refuse. 

The second Rockies card I picked up from eBay last week was this 2005 Just Minors Just Double Autograph card featuring Shane Lindsay and Dexter Fowler. 

It is serial #'d 2/2, which means I'm only one card away from having the market cornered for cards featuring Dexter Fowler and Shane Lindsay. 

The card arrived in a screw-down case, which I don't particularly like.  As I was flipping the encased card over on my scanner to get an image of the back of the card, the case flew open, sending the card flying across the room (at least it seemed that way when it was happening.  It may have just slid across the scanner glass a few inches). Apparently, the plastic surrounding the screw had been stripped away, so the case was only held together by a hope and a prayer.  Luckily, no damage was done to the card. 

Stupid screw-down cases.

It is funny to me that the fine folks at Just Minors had not updated the picture they had on file of Dexter between the making of the above card and the making of my 2008 Dual Signature card of Fowler & Hochevar.  And it appears that they used stickers from the same signing.  Not that I'm complaining.  Just making an observation.

I'm just glad I got to these two cards before Johnny found them. 

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hiflew said...

I gotta let you have something, don't I? I do love the Helton though. I have a couple of Topps Pristine cards of Jamal Mashburn and I freed one from case hell the other I bought freed.

I may have to try to get the 1/2 on that Fowler which is only fitting since we are 2 of the few Rockies collectors out there.