Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Results from the Cardboard Collections Break

I bought in for two teams, the Rockies and Royals, in the February Group Break at Cardboard Collections and I'm finally getting around to showing off the highlights of the cards I received from the break.

First, the Royals.

None of the Royals are really players I collect, but I am VERY pleased with the O Pee Chee cards, as most of them will fit into the Mustache Set I'm building.

And the Rockies.

I was really hoping for results like this in the Royals category which makes me happy that I decided to take a second team in the break.  What a great group of cards these are.  I love the Helton and Tulo Elements cards.  And the "Stars N Steel" cards (which are actual pieces of sheet metal rather than the traditional cardboard) are fantastic.  These are the kinds of cards I regret missing out on during my time away from the hobby.

Be sure to check out the March Group Break.  I'm probably going to sit this one out, since 1994 Royals cards aren't a main focus of my collection.  

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