Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Bloom of a Springtime Contest

 Derek of Tomahawk Chopping is having a CONTEST to celebrate the beginning of spring.  Should you choose to participate and win, Derek will
"snoop around on your blog, check out your want list, see what your favorite team is and do some shopping for you, without your help. So by the time opening day arrives you will receive a package full of recently purchased cards (plus what ever I have of your team). The amount of the card shopping spree depends on how many entries, and right now I'm not classifying that with a number. It will be at least $10 worth of cards."
Not a bad way to start kick off the new year, if you ask me.

And, since pictures are fun to look at, here are some Troy Tulowitzki cards that I have in my Rockies binder.


BA Benny said...

I have a Tulo card for you that I think you will like. It will be in your break package.

hiflew said...

Nice cards, especially nice that I already have most of them. hehe

I do want to try for a rainbow or 2 of that Baseball Heroes set. From what I have seen they really look nice in a page.