Monday, March 14, 2011

Trade Report: Three Sports from "Angels, In Order"

I recently traded cards with Tom who writes at Angels, In Order.  I sent him an assortment of Angels cards, and in return, I received cards from three different sports.

First up are a dozen basketball cards.  I'm pumped he included the Skybox Logoman card.  It's one of those "no number" cards that I had no idea existed.  It'll be a great addition to my 1990-91 Skybox set. 

The Stadium Club "Member's Choice" Shaq card is awesome.  I know I had this card at one point during the 90s, but traded/sold/lost it during my "Time Away from Collecting".  And you can't go wrong with mid-90s Skybox insert cards. 

In the baseball portion of the trade package, I found seven Royals and one Rockies cards.

The Royals cards are from the 2003 MLB Showdown card game.  The backs of the cards all look like this:

 While the opposite side has the player pictures and stats.

With these cards, I'd say I ended up with ....(slowly puts on sunglasses)...... a "Royal flush". 


The one Rockies card in the package is a beauty.  I present Todd Helton.

Finally, the piece de resistance of the trade would be these Denver Broncos cards.  My Broncos collection is actually fairly sad considering they are the professional sports team I've loved the longest. 

With these cards, my Terrell Davis collection just quadrupled and my Elway collection doubled.

As for the Grieses, while he wasn't my favorite Bronco, I always felt that he was never given a fair shake from Broncos fans, and, if this card is any indication, the people at Fleer weren't a fan either.

Ouch man.  Why not just have a picture of him standing on the sideline, sans-helmet, holding a clip board?

Thanks again to Tom for the trade.

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