Friday, March 25, 2011

Trade Report: A Royal Autograph from Hiflew

Fellow Rockies collector Johnny (Hiflew) from Cards from the Quarry recently sent me some cards and he was as generous as always.

First up, the Royals.

There is a very good chance that I'll be in the above pictured stadium on Opening Day.  It would be a doubly awesome to be there opening day because Hochevar is going to be the Royals starting pitcher.  Keep your fingers crossed for me that my ticket hookup pulls through.

A second non-Hochevar Royals autograph was added to my collection in this trade.  This is a Mike Montgomery autograph that Johnny pulled from a recent box break. 

It looks like Mike will be starting the season in the minors (hopefully in Omaha) but should be an important piece of the Royals future.

And the Royals cards continue, including a Mike Jacobs refractor that was purchased during the March "Budget eBay Collector" series that Johnny does. 

And, in typical Johnny fashion, no trade is complete without his sending along a bagillion of his Rockies duplicates. 

Many thanks to Johnny and I will be sending your side of the trade very shortly.

1 comment:

hiflew said...

Glad you liked em Eric and no rush on the trade send back. I have 7 trade posts to write up at the moment. So an extra day or five may let me keep my few remaining hairs.