Thursday, March 3, 2011

Trade Report: A Special Trip to the LCS by Darkship

Fellow card blogger Darkship, of the fine journal MidWest Cardboard, and I had been working on getting a trade going for a few weeks, but negotiations had come to a standstill.  That's when he sent me a note saying his local card shop had a 2008 UD Baseball Heroes Luke Hochevar card on display. 

To say that trade talks restarted is an understatement. 

The card he found is a red autograph, serial numbered 7/10, which has been one of my white whales for my Baseball Heroes rainbow.

Who knows if I ever would have tracked this card down on my own.  I guess all the time and energy I'm spending on this blog is paying off.

Darkship also included a handful of Royals cards.

As well as a few Denver Broncos cards.   I especially like the National Chicle cards, although I don't quite understand the background behind Elway.  Maybe it was inspired by a game the Broncos played on a baseball field?

Thanks for trading with me Darkship.  I hope you liked the cards I sent you as much as I like mine.

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