Monday, March 21, 2011

Trade Report: Fuji Kickstarts a New PC

I had a couple of A's hits that I was looking to trade away and discovered that Fuji, writer of The Chronicles of Fuji, is a collector of A's cards.  I sent him an email asking if he'd like to work out a trade and soon enough my package was waiting for me in my mail box.

One of the cards in the trade package was one I've been hoping to get my hands on for quite some time.

 Words cannot express how badass this card is.  I'm quite jealous that I don't have the wherewithal to make myself a custom card like this one to send out with my trade packages.

I also received a Mike Aviles autograph card for my Royals collection.  This is my first non-Hochevar autograph for my Royals binder and I hope to add more in the future.

The third and final card I received in our trade is the first non-Hochevar card that I'll be using for my newest personal collection, which I'm calling the Colorado Collection.  My goal is to collect an autographed card of athletes born and/or raised (i.e. graduated from high school) in Colorado.  I recently added a new page to the top of my blog which lists the athletes I hope to add to this collection.  Feel free to check it out and let me know if you have any of these autographs you'd like to trade to me.

Scott Elarton was born and raised in Lamar, CO, which is located along the Arkansas River in eastern Colorado about an hour and a half from my hometown of Fowler.  Scott spent a decade in the majors pitching for the Astros, Rockies, Indians, and Royals, which makes this card even better because it touches two of the teams I collect.

Thanks again to Fuji for being a great person with which to trade.  (You can see what I sent Fuji HERE).

I've spent the weekend picking up multiple other cards to add to my Colorado Collection, which I'll feature as soon as they arrive in the mail.


Fuji said...

Thanks again for the trade... look forward to future trades!

Napkin Doon said...

New follower, enjoy the blog! I live very close to the Royals AA affiliate in Arkansas (the Naturals) and have enjoyed watching players like Ka'aihue, Moustakas and Hosmer come through. Hosmer went through fast!