Sunday, March 27, 2011

Trade Report: No Relics Pulled? How bout "Many Relics Traded"

A2 Wolverine of No Relics Pulled and I recently bartered for cards.  I sent him THESE and, in return, my Team Logo Manupatch collection doubled and my Rockies and Royals binders grew.

First, the team logo manupatchs.

The Swingin A's and the ATL Braves.  That'd be a great band name.  DIBS!!!!!

My Team Logo Manupatch collection now has the Arizona DBacks, KC Royals, Oakland A's, and Atlanta Braves.  Not too shabby of a start.

A2 also sent along a handful of Rockies and Royals.

Thanks to A2 for the great trade!


Anonymous said...

Would you trade that A's patch of Gio?

Eric L said...

@wickedortega -- sure, but I'd want a something equal in return, preferably an MLB team logo manupatch (doesn't have to be the A's, any other team I need would do). Send me an email.