Saturday, March 5, 2011

Trade Report: A Trip in the Way Back Machine

Before I started this blog, I spent lots of time trolling through the card blogosphere.  One blog that caught my eye was Hey, That's Mine! 

I was intrigued by the custom cards that Big D made and sent him an email asking if he'd be so kind as to create a card for me using a picture I took at an Omaha Royals game the previous summer.  He said he would, so I sent him a selection of shots I took of Luke Hochevar and I couldn't be happier with how the card turned out.

The scan doesn't do this card justice.  The picture on the card is crisp and clean and the colors are very vibrant.  I love the design of the card.  It is simple, yet tells the person looking at it everything they need to know.  I'm also very glad that this was the picture he decided to feature.  And I can now add "baseball card photographer" to my resume, right?

The back of the card is great too.

And an autograph that isn't on a sticker!  Awesome! 

I also had Big D make a second card for me using a picture that I took of my cousin Brian, his wife Kirsten, and Luke at a KC Royals game last summer.  I had it made because Kirsten was pregnant at the time with little Easton and I wanted Easton to have a reminder of his first major league baseball game.  And with a name like Easton, I'm certain he'll be my baseball collecting buddy as soon as he outgrows the drooling stage (which, if he's anything like his dad, will be his 26th birthday).

Thanks again Big D for creating this card for me.  It truly is one of the key cards in my collections.

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TJ said...

Big D comes through yet again!