Sunday, March 6, 2011

NBA Team Logos

A big thanks to Joe from the D and Derek of Tomahawk Chopping who helped me get my 1990 Skybox Basketball set near completion (I believe there are around five cards left to complete the set).  After I got the cards into their pages, I continued to love the design of this set, especially the team logo cards.

I really like this set and because it came together so quickly for me, I decided to search eBay for boxes of the 1991-92 Skybox cards and found a box of Series I and Series II for $5 (+ shipping) each.  The box of Series I arrived on Wednesday and Series II showed up yesterday, so you can look forward to some posts about the results of the boxes in the near future.


Derek said...

let me know which cards you need, i found some more and can try to see if i've got what you need

The Angels In Order said...

I've got the #260 David Robinson (rookie?) and the no-numbered "Skybox Salutes the NBA" card.