Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fave Five -- '90s Basketball Subsets from a $20 Box-o-cards

Last week I won two auctions on eBay.  Each auction was selling a USPS medium flat rate box full of cards (seller approximated 2200+ and I'd guess he was right) for $20 with free shipping.  One auction was for basketball cards and the other was for baseball cards.  I decided (and convinced the wife) that I couldn't pass these auctions up without at least making a bid, and I ended up winning both auctions.

I gave each box a once over once they arrived and then settled into the basketball box, which I spent a couple hours sorting last night.  I'll get to the baseball cards later this week.

My first (and maybe last, I haven't decided yet) Fave Five from the box of basketball cards is made up of my favorite 1990s subsets that I found in the box.

Number Five -- 1990 NBA Hoops "Current NBA Coaches Who Were Former NBA Players" 
(Although your price guide may have a different name for this subset than does mine.)

The mixing of vintage pictures and modernish card design is pretty successful with these cards.  And the backs of the cards show what the players look like now in their coaching roles.

Number Four -- 1995 NBA Hoops "Gold Mine"

I love the speckled-gold borders on these cards, they look much better in person than in the scan, which tends to be the case with shiny cards.  However, I could have done without the names being written in unreadable gold font.  And the backs are almost as illegible, especially the card numbers. 

Number Three -- 1994-95 Skybox Premium "Sky Slams," "Sky Shots," "Sky Swats," and "Sky Pilots"

I like how the multiple "Sky _______" monikers allowed the different talents of the different players to be displayed.  And once again Skybox shows that they have perfected the "Keep It Simple Stupid" school of card design.  

Number Two -- 1992-93 Skybox "Team Logos"

These are my favorite Skybox team logo cards so far.  It's a perfectly simple design and I like how they incorporated a player onto each card. 

Number One -- 1993-94 Skybox Premium "Nickname/Moniker/Movie Title Poster-Style Cards"
(Once again, check local listings for preferred subset name in your area.)

These cards are badass.  Period.

My $20 box of 1990s basketball card fun gave me some really good starts on some really cool mostly Skybox sets, which contain some badass subsets (see above). 

I'll be posting up some 1990s Skybox basketball wantlists later this week, so if you have any 1992-1996 Skybox basketball cards collecting dust that you'd like to trade away, let me know. 


Thorzul said...

Man, I liked the players from that era soooo much more than the players from the present. Good stuff.

Offy said...

Dino! Another example of what could have been from that era of Celtics basketball. He played pretty well in the few years he was here and if he had come here right after the Celtics drafted him, he might have had a memorable NBA career.

I'm 99.9% positive that I've got older SkyBox around somewhere. It might be a while before I can go lifting monster boxes full of cards though.