Tuesday, June 14, 2011

This May be a Silly Question, but.....

I've had some good luck with getting feedback online lately.  For instance, the other day on Twitter I asked what the term "HTA" meant with regard to boxes of cards.  Turns out it means "Home Team Advantage".  I'd seen the term used often but had never known what it meant.

A couple of people answered my question and didn't give me grief about my ignorance, so I figure why not ask another question that has been on my mind.

For people who review boxes of newly release products, how do you go about getting the boxes from the companies?  Did you contact them?  Did they contact you?  Do you request certain products or do you just review what is sent to you?  Are there certain stipulations they ask of you, such as whether or not you can sell the cards or whether you have to put their logo on your blog sidebar?

I'm not particularly looking to do such reveiws (although I certainly wouldn't turn down the offer should someone from Topps or Panini or Upperdeck be reading this), I've just always wondered how people get the "hook-up" so to speak.

Feel free to email me the answer to this question if you don't feel comfortable letting the world know your secret in the comments section.  And I won't publish your email unless you give me permission to do so.

And stay tuned for more silly questions as they pop into my head.

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