Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Oddball Mini Card to Make Derek Drool

For weeks (maybe months), I've been telling Derek of Tomahawk Chopping that I have a Martin Prado mini card that he can't have* but I keep forgetting to make a scan of it for him to drool over.

Why would I be so mean and tease him?  Why would I possibly want to keep a Martin Prado mini card from a Martin Prado collector?

Because the Prado mini is actually one-third of a "three-card mini strip" blank back Topps 2010 T206 card that the Topps Vault produced last year.  The other two-thirds of the card are made up of some Millwood guy from Baltimore and Luke Hochevar.

The card is longer than a traditional sized card.  I'd estimate that it was the size of three mini-cards placed side-by-side.  There are no perforations in the card, it's just one solid piece of cardboard.

Sadly, none of the "three-card mini strips" were not numbered 1/1 by the Topps Vault people, so the back is almost completely blank (which is why I scanned it with a colorful background).

If anything, this seems like more of a true one-of-one collectable item than any of the other blank back cards I own.  When I think of one of a kind card gimmicks, this kind of card seems like a no brainer.  I would imagine that they did not label it 1/1 because it did not come in the sealed Topps Vault case that the others did because of its size.  Therefore, a handwritten "1/1" label wouldn't be as believable because anyone could have written it.  I imagine it's a CYA move on Topps' part.

Also, I have no idea why these three guys were put together on this card.  They don't seem to have any connection to each other.  In the set, Prado is card #43, Hochevar is #70, and Millwood is #102, so it's not like they are next to each other in the set. 

Regardless, I'm glad to own it.

*If I'm going to be honest, if Derek were to make me an offer for this card that I couldn't refuse, I certainly wouldn't refuse it. 


Derek said...

You just keep admiring that card for now, one of these days the card gods are going to deliver a Hochevar in a pack that I open that you'll just have to have. Nice card though, glad I finally got to see it!

jaybarkerfan said...

That is phenomenal!