Monday, June 20, 2011

Fave Five: Eddy Mac

My wife's computer is "in the shop" until a new battery charger arrives later this week, which means she's using my computer during the day to study for her bar exam.  Therefore, I'm doing some late night blogging.

I was looking through some of my binders and thought I'd do a few Fave Fives of some of my Colorado sports card collections over the next week or so, with some purchases and trades sprinkled in as they arrive in the mail.

Today's Fave Five is going to feature my favorite football player of all time: Ed McCaffrey.  I've previously explained my love for Eddy Mac and, of the 43 McCaffrey cards I own, these are my Fave Five.

FIVE: Concentration

FOUR: Gallery Portrait

THREE:  Mile High Salute

TWO:  Intensity

ONE: Up in the Air

I'd eventually like to add a McCaffrey autograph, jersey relice, and rookie card to my collection, especially if anyone has one they'd like to trade away.  If that someone is you, please let me know.

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