Monday, June 6, 2011

Trade Report: "My Sports and Sports Cards" Hits a P.C. Triple

If you are not currently trading with Jeff from My Sports and Sports Cards you are really missing out.  He has a vast array of trade material and the packages he sends have always been top notch. 

Just this week, Jeff sent me an email letting me know he had shipped a package to me.  A day or two later, I received some great cards that hit upon three of my personal collections.

The card I was probably the most happy to see was this 2011 Gypsy Queen Dexter Fowler card. 

When I would see scans of this card, I thought it was a bit too busy for my taste.  The background seemed to wash out the image of Dexter.  But in hand, it is much more appealing to the eye.  And my wife loves the design of these cards.  Maybe I'll be able to convince her to bust a box of them with me once my self-imposed card-buying fast is over.

Also, I am so glad I got this card in a trade and didn't buy it on eBay.  The more people I meet in via my blog, the more I realize that someone will have plenty of base cards of my players that they'll be more than happy to trade to me if I'm patient enough. 

Jeff also included a good portion of the Royals team set from GQ, as well as a #/299 Billy Butler.  And who woulda thought that, of the guys in the bottom row of this scan, Gordon might be having the best year of the bunch?  (Then again, I could be wrong and Greinke might be killing it after he came back from his injury.  I don't really pay much attention to teams other than the Rocks and Royals -- which woulda been a good blog name.)

And, were it not for my trades with Jeff, my Broncos binder would be weak-sauce right now. 

This time he sent along a serial numbered Elway (my first) and enough modern Donkeys to fill a page.

Thanks again Jeff for some great cards for my personal collection.  I'm working on rounding up a pile of cards to help you with your White Sox collection and should have them in the mail later this week.

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Jeff Laws said...

Glad you liked the cards. I got the numbered Butler and immediately thought of you. Didn't realize you collected the Broncos with the first trade otherwise those would have been included with it. No rush on the return trade, I understand your not buying much, neither am I at the moment.