Wednesday, June 8, 2011

More Cards I'm Hoping Not To Have To Buy

I mentioned the other day how happy I was to have received the Dexter Fowler Gypsy Queen card via trade rather than having to buy it or find it in a pack.

Similarly, I'm hoping to pick up the Hochevar and Fowler 2011 Topps Series 2 base and gold cards through a trade or two so that I can save my money to buy the more difficult to find parallels.  Which is not to say that I wouldn't trade for the rarer parallels if anyone who reads this happens to find them.  I most definitely would.  I'm just not expecting that to happen.

Obviously images were borrowed, as I wouldn't ask people to trade these to me if I already owned them. That would be silly.
So, if anyone stumbles upon these four cards while ripping 2011 Series 2, let me know and let's work out a trade.

Also, while I'm thinking of it, I've seen two people list a "Sparkle" version of the Fowler card on eBay, but from the pictures they used in the item description, I can't seem to find the sparkle that (apparently) makes the card so very valuable.  I also haven't found Fowler listed as a Sparkler in the couple of unofficial checklists I've looked at online.  Anyone have information about this?  Is there a Fowler Sparkle card?  Or are the eBay sellers fibbing?

UPDATE:  Tomahawk Chopping's Derek has agreed to trade me the base Hochevar card.  Thanks Derek!

UPDATE II:  I just spotted a Hochevar Diamond Anniversary card on the bay.  I wasn't paying attention during Series 1, so are these more/less rare than the other parallels?  Will I be able to trade for it like I hope to with the base and Gold?  Or should I eventually try to buy it?


Derek said...

I've got your base Luke

moremonkeys138 said...

Diamond Anniversary cards aren't numbered and aren't as tough a pull as a gold. Well, not that golds are tough to pull but DA's are easier.

Derek said...

also got your dexter. going in the mail tomorrow