Wednesday, June 8, 2011

PSA Time

This week's Public Service Announcement is to let my fellow readers about two EASY contests being held by a couple of guys who are trying to get a larger following for their blogs.

First up is Ryan G from This Card is Cool.  A comment, a link, and/or a follow will each earn an entry into his CONTEST.  Up for grabs?  I'll let Ryan explain:

First prize: I'll look at your want lists and pick up a few things off of it. I don't exactly have a job so I won't be getting you that Derek Jeter autograph you've always wanted but you should be happy!

Second prize: I have a stack of basketball cards that contains mostly rookies. I don't know anything about these guys, so I have no idea if they're worth anything. I think there's a couple numbered cards. There's at least one autograph in the stack. Oh, and a bit of fun. Plus, I'll try to find you something off your want list.

Third prize: Football, similar to the basketball lot but smaller. There is at least one jersey in there. Plus, I'll try to find you something off your want list.

Fourth prize: A small stack of non-sports cards, mostly inserts from Topps and Allen and Ginter. There are three certified autographs in this group. Plus, I'll try to find you something off your want list. 

The second contest, which is equally easy, is one I found out about from Ryan G (not sure it'll earn him an extra entry in the contest, but it might).

New (to me) blog Buckeye State's Trading Post is giving away a pile of autographs and relics to the winner of his CONTEST.  A comment, a link, and/or a blogroll add will each earn an entry into the randomizer.

As you can see, each contest is very easy to enter, but each contest closes next week.

The more you know.


Ryan G said...

Good call on the NBC rainbow! I miss that. I think I used one of those in a post recently. Now you gotta work in the GI Joe "Now you know, and knowing is half the battle!" PSA announcement.

hiflew said...

And here I was thinking I was going to see some nice graded cards. lol