Friday, February 11, 2011

The Admiral

I've been working on putting my personal collection of cards into pages in a binder.  It is much easier and more fun to look at them this way, rather than having them in a box. 

Here is one of those pages featuring David "The Admiral" Robinson.

Dude had some ripped arms. 

Also, of note, I don't remember what year it was, but Denver was hosting the NBA All Star Game and I saw David walking around Denver's 16th Street Mall.  My cousin and I followed him into the NikeTown store.  He was the first seven foot tall person I'd ever meet and it was an amazing experience. 

Some fun cards of a great guy.


TJ said...

I've always liked Robinson,but because he played for San Antonio, I couldn't ever root for him. Pfft. Spurs.

That Electric Court card is fantastic.

BA Benny said...

I liked David Robinson a lot when I still cared about the NBA. He was a great player and a class act. My favorite card from that page is the center one.

Charles @ Hoopography said...

He was an athletic freak!!!

One of my fav's to watch play the game.