Thursday, February 17, 2011

Karl and the Kidd

Wouldn't that be a great name for a television show?  It's very versatile.  It could be a humorous buddy-cop show.  It could be a sit-com.  It could be a puppet show on PBS.  The possibilities are endless.  But I digress.

When I was a young collector, the first player that I collected cards of from their rookie season on was Jason Kidd.  When he first entered the league, he quickly became my second favorite guard, behind John Stockton.  And like Stockton, he's been a very proficient player, but an NBA Championship has eluded him.

Here are some of the cards of Kidd that I have from my early days of collecting.

The middle card is one of my favorites because if a person didn't know better, they might think Kidd was a 7-foot-tall center the way he towers over Muggsy Bogues.  

Kidd was one of the first players whose rookie cards I was able to get from ripping open packs.  I spent most of my the money I earned mowing lawns in the summer searching for Kidd's rookie cards (all 6-trillion of them.  Damn junk wax.).  Because I left the hobby a couple of years after his rookie season, I have very few (if any) of his later cards still in my collection.

I also have many Karl Malone early-90s inserts in my personal collection. 

So remember, two years from now, when you see a show on the Discovery Channel in which Jason Kidd and Karl Malone travel across the USofA in Karl's 18-wheeler searching for the nation's best pick-up basketball games, and it's called "Karl and the Kidd", remember you saw the name here first.

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