Monday, February 7, 2011

Chumming the Waters, Part 2

Continuing my efforts to get some trades going, I set out on a search of eBay to find some GU/Autograph lots to buy with the express purpose of trading them away to other collectors.

The first batch of lots arrived today.  I bought this one mainly due to its low listing price and low shipping cost.

If any of these cards must be added to your collection, shoot me an offer.  My email can be found in the side bar of my blog.

(UPDATE:  All of these cards have been traded away.)
  • Adam LaRoche - Pittsburgh Pirates - 2007 Bowman's Best Autograph
  • Kevin Beirne - Charlotte Knights - 1999 Just Minors Autograph
  • Paulino Reynoso - Chicago WhiteSox - 2005 Donruss Zenith Roll Call Autograph
  • Ryan Anderson - Seattle Mariners - 2000 Team Best Autograph  
  • Jason Grilli - Shreveport Captains - 1999 Just Minors Autograph
  • Eddy Furniss - Augusta GreenJackets - 1999 Team Best Autograph
As far as I know, LaRoche is the only guy that is still in the League, which is why I was glad to get these cards at a low price.  But, as a fan of minor league team names and as a golfer, I just love that the team from Augusta is named the GreenJackets.  If I ever get a chance to go watch the Masters in person, I will have to take in a GreenJacket's game.  Very cool.

I also received some football cards.

  • Mack Strong - Seattle Seahawks - 2006 Topps All-Pro Relics
  • Frank Okam - Texas Longhorns (Tampa Bay Buccaneers) - 2008 Upper Deck Rookie Card Autograph
  • Dexter Jackson - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - 2009 Upper Deck Game Day Gear Relic
Again, if you have any interest in these cards and have something from my want list, let me know and we'll get a trade worked out post haste.

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