Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bowman Chrome Goodness

I sometimes wonder if chrome cards ever do get scratches like my blog name suggests.  I've never encountered them.  I'm sure that the practice of immediately sliding pack-fresh cards into their protective plastic homes has helped curb any scratching that may occur to a pile of loosely stored chrome cards.  I may have to do some testing to answer this age old riddle once and for all. 

Anyway, enough about me and my thoughts, I'm sure you came here for less words and more pictures.  Well, I'm nothing if not a people pleaser, so I present another of my many Luke Hochevar "rainbows" that is chock full of parallels.  This one is an assortment of 2008 Bowman and Bowman Chrome cards from Luke's rookie season.

As an aside, I really need to get a bigger scanner because not being able to fit nine cards and their toploaders onto my current scanner is really starting to chap my hide.

This assortment of cards is complete with colored parallels, refractors, Xfractors, and a prerequisite printing plate. 

I hope that Luke has a breakout year for the Royals this season so that Topps will once again fill their product with countless Hochevar cards.  I'm tired of waiting until Series 2 (as I did last season and will once again do this year) is released to get my fill of his latest batch of cards.

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