Monday, February 28, 2011

Trade Report: A Letter from Too Many Grandersons

I received a letter in the mail from Dennis of Too Many Grandersons this week.  I must admit, it is so nice to get a great letter in the mail from a friend.  Not enough people send letters in the mail anymore.  Sure, I receive emails and texts from friends.  But nothing is quite as personal and heartfelt as a physical letter arriving in an envelope which was delivered by a living, breathing human being.

The uncommonness of a letter like the one Dennis sent is what makes it so special and important and I'm glad that he sent it my way.

So, what did the letter say?

Well, it simply said, why.  

No more, no less.  Just why.

I wasn't sure what the letter meant.  Did he want to know why I collected cards?  Did he want to know why I I collect Royals and Rockies specifically?  Did he want to know why I was such a fan of Luke Hochevar or Dexter Fowler or John Stockton?

Then I started asking why.  Why did he send such a vague letter?  Why, why, why?

Maybe someone could help me decipher this letter for me.

Maybe it is because this is the final letter I needed for my "Family Nameplate" manupatch collection.  The letter "Y" has been eluding me for a while and Dennis was kind enough to complete my last name for me with this letter.

(If you think this lame attempt at humor is bad, try being my wife for the past seven years, hearing "jokes" like this one every day.  She truly is a saint.)

As usual, Dennis also included some extra cards in his trade package.

Along with the above Royals and Rockies, he also included two cards for me to use to kick start some trades with other bloggers.

Ideally, I'd like to get a manupatch in exchange for the Manny jersey card, but all offers will be considered.   As for the Daugherty autograph, first dibs go to Hiflew since it's a Rockies card.

Dennis closed up the trade with some great Mustache cards that I'll be showing off later this year.

Dennis did actually include a "letter" in the envelope, which asked what names I'll be attempting to build with future manupatch letters I receive in the future now that the "Family Nameplate" is finished.  I won't be building any names, but will be working on building a manupatch Alphabet Set and I'm always looking for Team Logo manupatches, so feel free to send them my way.

Thanks again for trading with me Dennis!!!


caljr3000 said...

You're like Abbott and Costello minus the funny, but you get points for trying. Thanks again for the trade, it definitely worked out well for both of us. I have a bunch more mustache cards to send you eventually too, maybe enough to make you sorry you asked.

hiflew said...

OK, I never knew that existed and it is just quirky enough to find a great home with me. Apparently he was the Rox scouting director from 93-99. Yeah I want it definitely but hang onto it for a bit, so you can soak in some of the Rockie goodness from it. I will have to find something special to trade for it.

caljr3000 said...

I can't believe anybody would want it. I was so pissed off when I pulled it and it wasn't even a prospect that I almost tossed it out in protest. But if Johnny can use it that's great.

hiflew said...

Honestly, if I pulled it expecting a prospect auto. I would've been pissed too, but since it is already pulled and someone else (sorry, Dennis) got my pissed off for me.

Be careful questioning those scout cards because Night Owl got chewed out by the card subject after commenting on them.

I would link it if I remembered who it was but I'm sure it's not that hard to find.

Eric L said...

Hahaha, I just read Night Owl's write up on these scout cards and the scout's response. Good stuff.

When I was writing my non-card related blog, I wrote a rant about how chewing tobacco is relatively safer than smoking cigarettes. I got a comment from a college prof who researches that topic supporting my claim. It was a crazy realization that people outside my circle were reading my words.